Ocean Rodeo Smoothy



Built with everything we’ve learned from almost 2 decades of twintip design and freeride prowess, the Smoothy is a freeride twintip unlike any other.

A deep, double concave base rides through the chop and delivers a hard carving freeride experience while the tapered flat rails and bi-axially designed flex provide a responsive flex for load’n’pop freestyle performance.

Ideal for those riders looking to progress in their freestyle riding while still enjoying the typical coastal chop when you’re not lucky enough to be gliding across a butter flat lagoon.

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Ocean Rodeo Smoothy

With bi-axial fiberglass the board’s flex and subsequent layers provide the type of flex that allows the board to perform and not be unpredictable to your actions.

Unidirectional fiberglass adds uncompromising durability to maintain the board’s shape even after the roughest and wildest of sessions. Rest assured you’ll come out of your time on the water with the board and your smile fully in tact.

Built with X Torsion carbon reinforcement allows the Smoothy to provide twist allowing for it to stay a smooth ride through the toe and heel side.

The paulownia wood core creates a light design, and flex and when finished with a park base adds durability for rails, ramps and rocky shores. This combination of flex with twist allows the Smoothy to be a board that lives up to its name.

ABS insert plates reinforced with fiberglass sits on a flat platform means that this board is optimised for both boots and pads / straps

profiled ABS tuck rail will provide you with some play along the middle of the board while giving you the ability to load up some pop on the board when desired. Made to be a board that’s fun first and built on experiences the Smoothy is made to do just a little bit of it all while having the durability to take a beating in the process.

The Smoothy is built with a double concave in tandem with precision made contouring and perimeter flat rails. This combined with a medium rocker allows the board to give some pop for jumping with the comfort of letting that double concave lock you back into the water.

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Innovation was a necessity Ocean Rodeo evolved out of the passions of its founder, Richard Myerscough and his lifelong friend, Ross Harrington. Growing up together, the two witnessed the formative years of windsurfing, cold water surfing, kiteboarding and SUP. Self taught and making the early models of all their equipment in the 70’s and 80’s by necessity, Richard and Ross learned that good enough was never, good enough and bring their creative and innovative outlook to every new project Ocean Rodeo endeavours upon.